Environmental Policy Statement


This Policy applies to the internal operations and the services we provide. The Policy impacts all our stakeholders including clients and suppliers and is a key part of our sustainable vision:


Creative Word PR recognise the importance of protecting the environment and ensuring that the environmental impact of our activities is kept to an absolute minimum. We will strive to achieve this through our ongoing commitment to:

• Aim to reduce our consumption of resources used, including energy, fuel, water, paper and minimise waste.
• Monitor our greenhouse gas emission impact.
• Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and, where applicable, codes of practice.


The above values will be translated into practice through a number of practical steps including:

• Paper Consumption: We aim to minimise paper use. Where paper is consumed, printing will be in black & white, where possible.
• Material Use: We aim to procure resources from environmentally friendly sources, where possible.
• Waste Management: A commitment to follow the waste hierarchy principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Dispose, in that order.
• Energy Usage
o We assess the environmental credentials of energy suppliers, procuring from renewable energy
suppliers, where possible.
o We switch off all lighting and equipment when not required.
o We aim to procure equipment with an “A” rating of better in terms of energy performance.
• Fuel Usage: Working from home is prioritised. Where business travel is essential, public transport is prioritised.
• Upstream and downstream considerations: We consider the environmental credentials of our suppliers and work collaboratively with our clients to comply with their environmental policies.

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