Printers supporting next generation

Birmingham print, stationery and office supplies specialists LG Davis has received national recognition for their support in helping apprenticeships in the industry.

The family run firm was chosen to feature in The Guardian’s recruitment report on supporting students for their work with helping young people to join an industry with an aging population.

Speaking to Managing Director Liz Smith the national newspaper looked at the need for SMEs to help support the next generation of workers. Something which LG Davis is passionate about supporting to help innovate the industry and see it continue to grwo and flourish.

“As an employer in the manufacturing industry, we look for attitude, initiative and enthusiasm,” says Liz Smith. “We can teach the skills that are needed to do the job but need people who have the determination to make a difference. We have people who came straight from school and have worked their way up to management and supervisory positions. They have an understanding of the industry that you just can’t get without that experience.”

For more information and to read the full report click here.

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