Greener credentials for PR

Creative Word PR has commited to further developing sustainable practices as it looks to help make little steps towards improving the environment.

Last year as part of the Keele University SEND Supply Chain Development Programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund(ERDF) Creative Word PR reviewed its carbon footprint to look at ways of making positive greener changes to the business.

Producing an Environmental Policy Statement which outlined ways in which the business could be greener Creative Word PR is proud to now continue this work.

“As a business I believe it is all of our responsibilities to make positive steps where we can to help the environment,” says Managing Director Cheryl Morris.

“As a PR and copywriting business we do not have a large carbon footprint any way but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. Simple steps to use greener energy, sustainable travel and less paper where possible can make a real difference.

“All of our client reports are now digitalised and we support greener energy suppliers as well as reducing the need for car journeys by walking or cycling where possible.”

Details of our Environmental Policy Statement is available here.

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