What makes a good story a winning pitch for a journalist?

Every day journalists receive hundreds of press releases from businesses keen to get their story in the news.

With only a small number of stories chosen for each publication how do you make sure your press release makes the cut?

What makes a good story turn into winning media coverage?

Having worked in the media industry for 20 years I have seen lots of really good media pitches and some not so good.

Here are some tips to make sure your story stands out:

  • What is the news angle?

A good press release doesn’t just promote your business it tells a story, shouts about your successes and showcases the unique. Just because a piece of information is important to your business doesn’t mean it makes a good news story. Journalists aren’t looking for sales pitches they want to hear about business growth, new services that make a difference, how you are helping your target audience, things that make you stand out. Think about what makes your story important to the audience, why would they want to read or hear about it? Why is it different to anything anyone else is doing?

  • Cut out the jargon?

If it doesn’t catch our attention straight away it won’t even be considered. With so many emails and phone call pitches each day journalists make snap decisions on whether a story is worth pursuing from the very first moment. Half of all releases won’t even get read in full so give your release a chance and make sure it is easy to read and free from lengthy jargon.

  • Don’t forget images

A great story needs an even better photograph. Make sure you have great photographs that tell your story and showcase your business in the best light. Most publications, even radio, look for images. Radio stories can sometimes get repurposed for the website so will need an image to go alongside the piece. Without imagery you are already cutting your chances of being used even if you have the most fantastic story to tell!

  • Bring your story to life

Most of the skill in writing a press release is knowing what the angle is and how to tell a story in a way that captures an audience’s attention. Use case studies, facts, and statistics to bring your story to life. Make sure that it is well researched and thought through. A great story should capture your attention and lead the reader along a journey making it hard to stop reading.

Struggling to find your story? Let Creative Word PR help, with over 20 years of experience I can help you tell your story in an engaging way which gets you noticed.

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