Regional PR a dying art or a powerful ally?

When it comes to PR the power of the local press can sometimes be underestimated. Unfortunately, the 1500 regional newspapers, 600 radio stations and numerous regional broadcasters can be seen by some as the poor relation to the big bright lights of the national news. I often hear “nobody reads their local newspaper anymore,” “everyoneContinue reading “Regional PR a dying art or a powerful ally?”

What makes a good story a winning pitch for a journalist?

Every day journalists receive hundreds of press releases from businesses keen to get their story in the news. With only a small number of stories chosen for each publication how do you make sure your press release makes the cut? What makes a good story turn into winning media coverage? Having worked in the mediaContinue reading “What makes a good story a winning pitch for a journalist?”

How to create a website which works!

When you think about a new website for your business it is all too easy to focus on how you want the website to work, the style, colours, imagery. However, to make a website function correctly it is essential as a business you take the time to focus not just on the design but alsoContinue reading “How to create a website which works!”

Why content is just as important as coverage in measuring PR success?

When we talk about PR sometimes it is too easy to simply think about the numbers and where a business is featured. We list the places such as local newspapers, BBC Radio or even specialist trade. You look at whether the titles are in your target area and judge success as having gained media coverageContinue reading “Why content is just as important as coverage in measuring PR success?”