Regional PR a dying art or a powerful ally?

When it comes to PR the power of the local press can sometimes be underestimated. Unfortunately, the 1500 regional newspapers, 600 radio stations and numerous regional broadcasters can be seen by some as the poor relation to the big bright lights of the national news.

I often hear “nobody reads their local newspaper anymore,” “everyone is on social media now” “local press is dying”.

And although yes, it is right readership has decreased for newspapers over recent years, the benefits run far deeper, and I feel many are missing an opportunity when it comes to realising the power of regional press.

With a highly targeted reach, powerful search engine capabilities and a strong sway in public opinion local press coverage can provide some of the most powerful reach and backlinks when it comes to growing your business.

Regional PR interview of a business
Media interview

Here we explore some of the benefits you might not realise coverage in local press can bring when it comes to PR.

Create a buzz for your brand

People love to find out about news in their area. So, as a growing business sharing your successes in regional press is a great way of causing a buzz about your brand. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and you can guarantee businesses showcased in the press are getting talked about in their local region.

SEO boosting back links

Regional online news sites have some of the highest Domain Authority rankings making them ideal for boosting your SEO with supportive back links. Regular coverage will also feature in website searches helping your business to be found and telling your story.

In some instances, media coverage can even boost your business up the rankings as your coverage is found in searches before your website due to the high authority ranking domains.

Don’t underestimate their reach

Regional BBC news pulls in more viewers than prime time programs such as Love Island and Good Morning Britain – even when Pierce Morgan was storming off the set!

Millions tune into watch their evening regional news and although regional newspapers are seeing sales dip they are still widely read by a very targeted audience. You know that the readers are all local to your business and therefore potential customers.

Being connected to online coverage as well their online news partners, which often do have far reaching circulation figures connect you to hundreds of thousands of people all interested in your local area.

Connections to other platforms

Pretty much all the regional papers are part of a wider group that is not only overseen by a national news desk but covers multiple neighbouring regions as well. Once your story is with your local reporter it has the potential to snowball across multiple platforms as interest begins to peak and your story is passed to other publications.

Want to recruit? You will need your town behind you

When it comes to recruiting studies show people are more likely to apply for jobs with companies they know and trust. Promoting your business and creating a positive image within your community is an important part of building that trust in your brand.

Syndicated coverage

As most regional newspapers are part of a wider group, they have reporters which cover features and stories that are used across the whole of the group. Sections such as motoring, travel and food and drink are often syndicated which means that the same copy is used across multiple platforms. So, your latest product launch could be shared up and down the country in regional papers.

The gift that keeps giving

Build up a good relationship with your local media and you will often find them coming to you with additional opportunities. Journalists are always looking to build up their contact list and find good, reliable experts who can quote on various topics. By sharing your news, it allows reporters to get to know your business and you can soon become a regular in the press helping to showcase your brand and tell your story.

Local press coverage is one of many marketing tools available to businesses and the power that regional PR can ring to boosting your presence shouldn’t be underestimated.

With a good story and clear management of key messaging regional PR can be a great way to tell your story and bolster reach, complement other activities and drive traffic to your website and social channels.

If you think you are missing an opportunity and need help shouting about your successes or some guidance on getting PR coverage give Creative Word PR a call on 07725 195642 for a no obligation chat or email

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